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Merton Park Film Studios,
Toronto, Canada
Los Angeles, CA

Executive Producer:

Allan Schwartzenberger

Sponsored Perks Phased Out

TORONTO (May 20th, 2014) – Executive Producer Allan Schwartzenberger announced today that Sponsored Perks will no longer be offered to new campaigners that wish to feature their crowd funding projects on The Crowd Funder Show.

The Sponsored perk program was introduced as a way of getting the show off the ground by bringing some excitement to the featured campaigns.

The sponsored gift cards were from major retailers and were offered to donors at face value for each contribution made to a campaign that was being featured on the Show.

The Sponsored gift cards were in various denominations and helped ease the financial burden of supporting a campaigner's project because it allowed the donor to contribute to a campaign with funds they would spend anyway at a national retailer offering everyday products like gas, coffee, groceries, and clothes.

"It was a tremendous way to bring attention to our campaign segments", said Joanna Davis, the Show's Production Manager.

"Campaigns that utilized the sponsored perks enjoyed contributions that were typically ten times greater than campaigns that didn't offer perks."

Although the program was a success, it came at a cost. "Pretty much all of our sponsor revenue went to subsidize the gift cards", added Davis. "We obviously can't do that for every season".

Merton will continue to provide the sponsored perks to campaigns that are already scheduled to air or where the campaigner has a valid Broadcast Agency Agreement with Merton.


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